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Why fit anti-snap locks?

Anti-snap locks were my starting point for my lock and door repair business. There had been a number of break ins in my neighbourhood where the intruders had gained entry by snapping the door locks. I was obviously concerned and researched getting anti snap locks fitted. Being a practical person, I decided to have a go at fitting them myself and Woolton Lock and Door Repair was born!

I stock standard anti snap locks in a range of sizes. Basic euro cylinders will snap in the middle which then means an intruder can manipulate the lock and open the door. Anti-snap locks are designed to snap off at the front, instead of in the middle so the locking mechanism is protected. This means that the door will remain locked although the outer part of the cylinder has been snapped off. You will also still be able to lock and unlock your door until you can get it replaced.

I also fit 3 star ABS locks which as well as being anti snap are also anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump. Some locks have anti-drill pins only in the snap off section which are useless after the first part is snapped off! ABS anti-drill pins are located before and after the snap line for maximum defence.

Lock bumping is a method of entry that uses a modified key which is tapped with a rubber mallet or tool to make the pins jump to the shear line within the cylinder – the result is quick and quiet access.ABS has an advanced magnetic anti-bump and double pin within pin system which effectively stops lock bumping keys from opening the lock.

A 3 star anti-snap lock supplied and fitted costs around £95 but when you compare that to the cost of replacing phones and devices stolen in a burglary, my advice would be to fit the best cylinders that you can afford, it will be money well spent.

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